Jobs & Internships round-up!

God I have been shit this month, haven’t I?! One day I’ll work out how to do all my work, but today is not that day. Anyway, here are all the internships and entry level jobs you can apply for, what better way to spend a Sunday?!



HarperCollins Learning are after an editorial intern to stay for three months. Find all the details here, then apply to and address the cover letter to Lucy Cooper.

Tilted Axis Press have a one day a week internship for 3/4 months, paid at the living wage. Get all the deets here, and apply to by the 24th June


Titan Books are after a 3 month editorial intern, for which you’ll get expenses of ¬£10 a day?! Yikes wow that is absolutely horrendous and 100% illegal judging from the job description, great job Titan! If you can somehow afford this then all the information is here¬†and applications should be sent to¬† by no later than 21 June 2016.

Kyle Books have two week placements available, email with your CV. They also have a two week foreign rights placement which will take place between¬†5-27th July (I know that isn’t two weeks) and for this one you’ll need to email¬†

Mira Trenchard Literary Scouting have a four week placement which primarily involves scheduling for Frankfurt Book Fair. This might be paid, it doesn’t say anything about payment though so probably not. If interested, email Elizabeth Cochrane by 1st July.



Editorial Assistant at Harlequin, HarperCollins

Wanna work in romance books?? GREAT NEWS. This editorial assistant role will place you in Mills and Boon, and is a great first step on the editorial ladder. Here comes the huge BUT, they only want a graduate with previous publishing experience, yawn. Cover letters should be addressed to Lesley Stonehouse and the deadline is TOMORROW. Send applications to


Sales Assistant at HarperCollins Children

Wowee I don’t even want to think about what kind of authors you’d be working with because my inner 10 year old would go nuts. What an opportunity! This one only requires some admin experience which is better than the last one.¬†Send CV and cover letters to¬†


Sales Assistant/Receptionist at Kyle Books, via The SYP

So, as well as being a sales assistant, you’ll also be answering the phones, sorting out post, ordering stuff for the office, dealing with press clippings, and submitting books for prizes worldwide. You’re going to be busy! Apply to¬† by 16th July.


Publicity Assistant at Penguin Random House Children’s

God no, inner 10 year old is coming out I can’t stop her. JACQUELINE WILSON?! ROALD DAHL!???!! AH!!! I want this so much I want to cry a bit. Please apply and get it and tell me how amazing it is. Apply via the PRH jobs board and address cover letters to Alice Broderick, closing date is 26th June!


Non-fiction Editorial Assistant at Michael Joseph, PRH

Imagine going into work and Jamie Oliver is there waiting for you to talk about how many times he can write the word wazz in his new cookbook. That could be your life?!? Apply via PRH jobs board by the 16th and address covers to Fenella Bates.


International Sales Assistant at DK, PRH

Good at languages? DK want you! They want you to sell their books and go all over the world to do so. Sounds pretty great, right? Closing date is 28th and applications go through PRH board.


International Sales Assistant (Far-East) at DK, PRH

Same as above but for the east of the world! They’re after someone who can speak Korean this time! Closing date is TODAY so get a bloody move on! Applications through PRH jobs board.


Production Assistant at Bloomsbury Children’s

I feel like production jobs are so rare! Bloomsbury want you to have at least completed a “publishing course which included an element of print production training” so hopefully you’ve done that. Closing date is the 4th July and all applications should be sent to¬†Sally Coleman, HR Manager, at


Digital QA Assistant at Bloomsbury

Ok I’ve read the job spec for this like 5 times and have no idea what it means so just go work it out and let me know. Apply with CV, covering letter, current salary details and notice period to Julia Thomson, HR Advisor at Closing date is 30th June.


Publicity Assistant at Usborne

I know we’re not meant to talk about salaries because it’s rude or something but holy SHIT you’ll get ¬£26000 at this job?!! That is almost double what I get and no I’m fine it’s great I’m not crying it’s just hayfever. They do want someone with a year of experience in publishing so I guess that’s why, but if you’ve cracked out some temp jobs or a lot of internships then this is for u! Apply to Christian Herrison¬†¬†by 1st July. When you get it, can you lend me a fiver?


Having a quick break here because I gotta dance around to Formation

OK I’m good whats next.. Hachette!


Fixed Term Sales Administrator at Hodder Education, Hachette

This is a 6 month fixed term contract, so whilst you’ll be booted out after a year it’s an amazing chance to get some experience before moving onto your perfect sales job! Apply w/¬†¬†CV, covering letter and salary details to¬†¬†Closing date 3rd July 2016.


Digital Support Assistant at Hodder Education, Hachette

From what I can gather this is kind of a customer service role, you’ll be assisting people who need help buying, and you’ll get to¬†analyse and review the behaviour of our online customers and suggest improvements to internal processes and systems. Maybe interesting?! Apply in writing with a full CV, covering letter and salary details to¬†¬†Closing date¬†24 June 2016.


Foreign Rights Assistant at Octopus Publishing Group, Hachette

CLOSING DATE IS TODAY!!! All info above and applications to


Fixed Term Contract Sales Assistant at Octopus Publishing Group, Hachette



Editorial Assistant at Titan Books, via The Bookseller

You may want to ignore this¬†in solidarity with the poor intern they’re not paying, but Titan Books have an editorial assistant role open! To apply, send ¬†CV with a covering letter, in which¬†you tell them¬†which book published in the last 12 months have you loved most, and why,¬†to


Marketing and Publicity Assistant at Walker Books, via The Bookseller

To whoever gets this, you’re the luckiest person ever?!¬†To apply, send a cover letter and CV to Alexandra Miller at¬†¬†stating the role you‚Äôre applying for in the subject line. Deadline is the 1st July!


Editorial Assistant at Coachwise (Leeds)

Ah, the north. What a wonderful place. Except Leeds, I hate Leeds actually, but you’ll be just a bus ride away from Hull so it’s all good. From what I can gather, Coachwise are a sports kind of publishers, so that’s fun. Apply via the link above!


Editorial Assistant role somewhere in Yorkshire

I have no idea where this is. I have no idea what company this is for. I kind of hate recruiters because they just don’t give enough information ever. However if you want to be an editorial assistant and live somewhere in Yorkshire then this is for you!


Publishing Assistant at African Parrot Publishing (Edinburgh)

I’m not going to lie to you I am getting pretty bored this is taking a while so excuse the lackluster descriptions from now on. SCOTLAND! EDUCATIONAL PUBLISHERS! WOO!


Publishing Assistant at Ashton Dennis


Publishing Assistant at Springer Nature

Nope nothing to say


Marketing Assistant at Taylor and Francis (Oxford)

You could work with my kind of sister-in-not-law! My boyfriends sister is what I’m trying to say.



God no okay I’m done it’s been hours that’s your lot and frankly that’s bloody millions so you’re welcome!!



4 thoughts on “Jobs & Internships round-up!

  1. “Titan Books are after a 3 month editorial intern, for which you‚Äôll get expenses of ¬£10 a day?! Yikes wow that is absolutely horrendous and 100% illegal judging from the job description, great job Titan!”

    ok THANKYOU FOR SAYING THIS. I live outside of London and so to do an internship I would need to move and earn money to, you know, LIVE AND EAT and I just don’t understand how some publishers can get away with this. Especially because you can’t have a paying job alongside this because it will probs be a 5 day a week deal. I thought I was the only one who saw this as unfair and super illegal because YOU NEED TO PAY WORKERS.

    Anyway great post this blog helps me out so much! xxx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It’s awful isn’t it?! My internship at JB was ¬£100 a week and that’s it, and I persevered and now that I’m employed there I whine about how unfair it is at every opportunity! It’s just total bullshit, and the people in charge don’t have a clue how much it actually costs to get a job in publishing. Few publishers seem to realise that it is definitely illegal and that there are laws trying to prevent them from fucking over their interns, it’s just all so stupid. Anyway you’re welcome I’m glad!!! xoxoxox

      Liked by 1 person

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