Internship opportunity at John Blake!

Want to get publishing experience, eat lots of biscuits and stop me having a mental breakdown every week? YOU’RE IN LUCK!

We need an intern to stay for three months and work across all departments of the office (if you are more keen on say publicity (pls) or editorial then we can cater the internship to that a bit, you’ll still have to do some other crap though).


  • admin – answering the phone, sorting out the post, ordering stationary, generally making sure the office doesn’t fall apart and is well stocked with teabags
  • editorial – dealing with submissions, proof-reading, image research and any other help the editorial department may need
  • publicity – listening to me whine 14000 times a day, checking press releases, media research, helping with mailings, whatever else I’m stressed about that day
  • sales – tracking weekly ebook sales, putting together sales kits, sending mailings to sales reps


Currently, the payment is at a weekly payment of £100, (which is know is a bit shit, because I did it for three months), but we are working on changing this (everything is a bit up in the air with the buyout at the mo). Also obviously I can’t promise anything, but both the last interns are now employed at the company – I’m now somehow publicity manager and Ellie is about to become editorial assistant. You’ll be with us from the 4th July (or as close to then as possible) up until late September.

I know I would say this because I work here, but it’s a really good environment, a lot of fun and a great place to get started out. Also we eat friggin’ millions of biscuits and go to the pub all the time if that’s what floats your boat.

If you want any more information or advice before you apply, feel free to hit me up at

Otherwise, all applications go to Sarah Fortune, by 9am on Monday! Yay!


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