13/05 Jobs

This is a LITTLE late! I had a Bonnier Sports Day to attend – you can imagine how thrilled I was about that. Came second to last in the 100m sprint thanks for asking… JOBS!


Editorial Assistant at Trapeze

This is a nice one, isn’t it! The new imprint at Orion (Hachette) are looking for an editorial assistant to help them with their fast growing and ever developing lists! They want someone with a cheerful attitude, who is flexible, good at time management and all the other usual job spec things. The role involves “checking eBooks, writing title information sheets and cover copy, processing invoices, taking minutes and contributing to creative discussions, mailings, diary management, handling catalogue copy, proofreading pitches and marketing documents etc.” Pretty nice huh! Obviously this will be a pretty small team as the imprint is so new, so you’ll need to be good with that too. Apply to by 22nd May and address cover letters to the publisher Anna Valentine.


Digital Assistant at Octopus Publishing Group (Hachette)

Another Hachette! This time Octopus Publishing Group are looking for a digital assistant to “support the development and maintenance of products across our entire digital catalogue – ebooks, audio, apps and databases – from planning and scoping stages through to daily maintenance of live products”. They want someone with a degree or equivalent (YAWN) who has an understanding of editorial and prodution processes. Apply by sending your CV, cover and salary details to   by 30th May!


Just really quickly this job isn’t for us but please look how amazing it is???


Editorial Assistant at Angry Robot Books

Do you live in Nottingham???? I’VE GOT YOU! Sci-fi and fantasy publisher Angry Robot Books are looking for an editorial assistant to read submissions, write copy, assist with manuscripts, help authors and all that other good stuff. They want someone who knows MS Office, social media and blogging platforms. Love of sci-fi is obviously a plus! Apply with cover letter and ONE paragraph on why you want the job to with the Subject: AR Editorial Assistant Job. Closing date for applications is 25th May.


Editorial Assistant at Viking (PRH)

ANOTHER editorial role?! This time at Viking, an imprint of Penguin Random House, who are looking for someone to help with their hefty backlist. This seems to be quite an admin based role, but obviously there will be room to progress as time goes on. Apply via the PRH Jobs Board in the link above, with CV and covering letter which includes a short biography of yourself (max 100 words), and three ideas for new non-fiction books Viking should commission (max 100 words each book) – talk about demanding! Closing date 18th May.


Editorial Assistant at Bloomsbury (History)

Christ, more editorial! The academic division of Bloomsbury are looking for a history buff to help out in their historical books section! The Bloomsbury job specs are always so long and to be honest I just can’t be bothered to read it all so go look for yourself and apply with a CV, covering letter, current salary details and notice period to Closing date is 22nd May. THANKS!


Special Sales Assistant at Bloomsbury

Pls see above for reason why this write up is so short. I think the Bloomsbury font just doesn’t agree with me? It just doesn’t seem reasonable to read the whole thing. Anyway they want a special sales assistant (special sales being anything that isn’t regular bookshops and what not FYI), so please go look at the listing! Closing date and application process is exact same as above, poor Sally in HR must get so many emails..


Half the listings from LAST WEEK are also still open so find that post here, and if you somehow managed to miss the enormous cover letter mega post writing guide I did, then take a look at that too here! (Please do because it took me FOREVER)



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