04/05 Internships

Ok, don’t be angry, but I have hardly any this week.. BECAUSE THERE ARE NONE! (Or maybe I just wasn’t looking hard enough…) But publishers – sort yourselves out! Anyway, here they are for now.


Hurst Publishers are offering a 6 month paid editorial and marketing internship through Creative Access! Because their books cover African Studies, Islamic and Middle Eastern Studies, South Asian Studies, War and Conflict Studies, History and Development, they’re after someone with an interest in global affairs who preferably has a degree in politics, history or language (but this isn’t essential). Also you’ve got to be BAME, obviously! Apply via the Creative Access site here.

Wired Magazine is looking for a 6 month intern to work in their editorial department. As you’ll be working for Wired, they want someone with an interest in technology, science and culture. You’ll be coming up with ideas for pieces, writing, researching and interviewing. Apply here.

There’s also an editorial internship at Glamour,  digital internship at Vogue and design internship at House & Gardens.



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