Got a question?

Since I started this page I’ve had a few emails from people asking me for advice, (which makes me feel very important and knowledgeable) and it occurred to me that these nice people probably aren’t the only ones with these questions. It seems like a good idea for me to publish the questions and my answers on here, in case anyone else is stuck with the same thing, so those posts will be coming up int he next few days.

A quick disclaimer: I am not an expert. I am not a recruiter  or an employer or anyone working in HR. I am only answering these questions from my own experiences, although for some of them I may ask people within the industry their thoughts. So whilst what I’m saying is right for me and is what I’ve found to have worked, it’s definitely not to be taken as fact! However I think people often just need a second opinion on what to do, and I can definitely help with that.

If that’s okay with you and you’ve got something you need to ask, please feel free to get in touch! Either find me on Twitter @PubInterns or @EmmaStokesss, or drop me an email at


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