20/04 Internships

In the mood to apply to some rad publishing internships? You’re in luck, because here are the best opportunities available for the week. Hasn’t this worked out well?!

Honorable mention: I PROMISE this is the last week I’ll mention this (mostly because the deadline is tomorrow) BUT we’re looking for a publishing intern at John Blake Books. It’s a multi-departmental role which will involve you doing editorial, admin, publicity and research work, plus a whole lot more, so it’s great if you’re not totally sure what role you want yet within the industry. However, if you have decided and you say “look, Emma, I want to work in publicity/editorial/production/whatever” then we can also cater your time around that. As you (probably) know this was my role, and I loved it and am so glad I get to stay on at the company, and that I’ll get to work with you! If you’ve got any questions about it please get in touch, and send your applications to by tomorrow.


The deadline for Penguin‘s vast offering of summer internships is TODAY! You’ve got publishing intern at Transworld, marketing intern at Ebury, sales intern at PRH Children’s, communications intern, digital intern at Cornerstone, marketing intern at PRH Children’s, social media intern at Vintage,  or finally a consumer insight intern to choose from! You should have a look at the job specs for all of them, because what they involve might surprise you. They’re all 10 weeks long and paid, so are unreal opportunities. Apply via the links!

Glamour are looking for an advertising and events intern. It’s a two month paid role, and you’ll be working on advertising reports, assisting on events and supporting the advertising team. This seems like a super fun opportunity, and would be great experience to have if you’re looking to get into marketing. Apply here.

Creative Access have secured a paid internship at I. B. Tauris for BAME applicants. You’d be a publishing and editorial trainee, so you’d learn a lot in a wide range of roles. Apply via Creative Access on the link here.


Titan Books are looking for a publicity intern to work with them for 6 weeks starting in May. The chosen one will be working with the whole publicity and marketing department, and will be catered to whichever you’re more interested in. Apply by the 28th April by sending CV and cover to



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