13/04 Internships

Happy Book Fair week everyone! If you weren’t able to make it to this years then fear not, after it’s over I’ll do a post on everything you missed, what it’s like and what to expect for next year. Spoiler alert: it’s mad!

Anyhow, to the internships! It’s a bit of a quiet week, no one really has any time to think about interns when the fair is on. We’ll be back up to full speed next week hopefully!

First things first, I just have to mention this:

We’ve had a bit of a whirlwind week at John Blake, which has somehow resulted in me becoming the press officer and us being in need of a new publishing intern. I may be a little biased, but I must say that it’s a really great opportunity. You’ll essentially be the person everyone goes to for whatever they need, whether it’s ordering books, proof-reading manuscripts, dealing with submissions, tracking ebook sales or buying milk in the morning. You’ll also probably going to have to work with me on publicity quite a lot, because I am going to need help! Whatever part of the business you’re most interested in, we’ll do our best to shape the internship around that. You’ll get a weekly stipend of £100 (not much I know, but better than a lot of other ones out there). Apply by Friday by sending your CV and cover letter to

Now onto our normal proceedings!


Hearst are looking for an art intern to help with their weekly magazines. The want someone with some education in art and design, as well as a good knowledge in photoshop and InDesign. It doesn’t say how long it lasts but all Hearst placements usually last a couple of months and are fairly well paid. More info and application process here.

All the PRH internships I went though last week are still up for grabs, you’ve got until the 20th to apply. Here’s the post again with all the info.


There are a bunch of week long work experience placements at Heat Magazine available! Expenses only  and you’ll be in the editorial department! Apply here.

There’s the same kind of thing going at Kerrang too! More here.


I know it’s mostly magazines this week but us book folk are busy! And don’t underestimate any writing work experience.


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